Thursday, May 20, 2010

British Library Bits

1. The Economist reviewed the British Library’s online exhibit Magnificent Maps: Power, Propaganda, and Art:
These globes and charts also reveal the impulse, old as man, to hold the gathered knowledge of the world in one's hands. To describe is to possess, preserve: for centuries maps served as visual encyclopaedias, storing what is known in one great annotated document.
2. The British Library has been awarded the “Oscar of the Museums World” for Timelines: Sources from History.
Timelines: Sources from History ( is a ground-breaking, rich-media interactive that allows users to explore British Library collection items chronologically … The timeline allows students to get a sense both of change and continuity when studying historical events.
3. The other day I stumbled upon some information on the British Library website about Solomon’s House, a research institute imagined by Francis Bacon. For more on Solomon’s House, see Anthony Grafton, “The World in a Room: Renaissance Histories of Art and Nature” and “Where Was Salomon’s House: Ecclesiastical History and the Intellectual Origins of Bacon’s New Atlantis,” in Worlds Made by Words (Harvard, 2009).