Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Book: No Longer Static and Something You Can’t Simply Hold

I just finished reading Ken Auletta’s New Yorker article “Publish or Perish.” Among the many interesting things discussed in it, I was most interested in these two statements by publishers:
The iPad … has opened up the possibility that we are no longer dealing with a static book. You have tremendous possibilities.

No matter where consumers buy books, their belief that electronic media should cost less—that something you can’t hold simply isn’t worth as much money—will exert a powerful force.
I finished the print article in the Suzzallo Library Reading Room (pictured above). Following page 37, there is a two-page ad that is part of the multimillion-dollar “Power of Print” advertising campaign. It asserts: “We surf the Internet. We swim in magazine. The Internet is exhilarating. Magazines are enveloping.” A lot more text follows, but you get the idea. I happened to be reading this in print because I was on a plane this morning.