Thursday, July 23, 2009

From Collection to House

Flipping through an airline magazine recently, I came across an advertisement for a house “built from pieces of the past.” These pieces include parts from McNary Dam, WWII landing mats, 100-year-old saw mills, old homestead houses, railroad bridges, Snake and Columbia River basalt, wind-fallen Black Locust, river rock, and more.

From the website of the builder and designer, Dirk Nelson:

Nelson had collected a treasure trove of Walla Walla valley history … Among the collection were beams & bolts from the old Louisiana Pacific mill to enormous light poles from the Columbia River’s McNary Dam. Railroad trestle girders lay stacked beside huge locust tree wood taken from the actual home site. With meticulous hand work, Nelson and his team, Living Space Construction transformed the boneyard finds into structural components that each hint at the story of their former lives.