Monday, June 15, 2009

National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program Projects

From the introduction to the winter 2009 issue of Library Trends:

This special issue of Library Trends is comprised of sixteen articles that tell fascinating stories about the ground-breaking efforts of numerous partners within the Library of Congress National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (NDIIPP). … The topics treated in this issue include, more specifically:

  • new organizations and missions and new perspectives on sustainability;
  • preservation of specific types of content, including Web content, cultural heritage and special collections, ejournals, and geospatial information, and the format and metadata standards to support ingest, management, and migration of digital content;
  • interoperability, data transfer and storage, and the future of digital preservation systems (301f.).

Projects discussed include the Data Preservation Alliance for the Social Sciences, MetaArchive, Web Archives Workbench (which is informed by an archival approach, by dealing with items in aggregates), LOCKSS, Portico, and more.