Monday, October 27, 2008

The New Special Collections

The November/December 2008 issue of EDUCAUSE Review is available from:

What roles do libraries have within the cyberinfrastructure that supports e-research and e-scholarship? Data collection, management, and curation. Christine Borgman writes: “Data may become the ‘new special collections’ for libraries” (see

The results of e-research and e-scholarship, Clifford Lynch writes, need to be “available to other scholars today, tomorrow, and in the distant future”:

One of the essential campus challenges here is to create a support organization that can reach out to all scholars on campus early in the data lifecycle with assistance in planning for data management and curation/preservation strategies; this service will need to involve information technologists, librarians and archivists, and disciplinary experts, as well as maintain close relationships with the Office of Contracts and Grants and the Chief Research Officer, among others. In addition, the campus must be prepared to take on institutional responsibility for long-term curation of data at the appropriate point in the lifecycle and must develop organizational capabilities to do this (most likely led by the campus library). (See